Monday, December 10, 2007

I Love These Pics: Our Photo Shoot!

These are some of the pics from our photo shoot. These pics are special to me for various reasons 1) We are all in good heath and spirit 2) The last family photo i had was when Jasmine was 7, Jada was 2, I was still married and was very overweight, not to mention the perm that i had on my head!) 3) This is This is my first home since my divorce became finalized and my FIRST home EVER!!!!! So I wanted out pics to be taken in it! 4) Look at my hair!!!!!It is Da Bomb-Diggity Baby.......I love my hair so much that I don't even mind my little jelly roll belly, hell the way I see it a little gravy goes a long way........well, maybe it will if ever I get a boyfriend.......But I digress, I think the shots came out great....What do you think? Before I go, people often wonder if jasmine's hair is is NOT, she gets a warm comb throught it once every month or so but she just has the type of texture like her father. She is not really interested in Sisterlocks which is fine by me. She likesthem on me and she likes jada's braidlocks but she says maybe she will sisterlock her hair when she is older. She is a Mommy's girl and I am willing to bet that she will but for now, let me get Jada locked and me well skilled at retightening before Jasmine takes the plunge otherwise I'll need to refinance my home to pay for out maintenance!


Amba said...

Wonderful photos. You are a lovely family -mum and girls. You hair looks so healthy and lively. Just looking at your pics made my day. Have a wonderful Christmas. You and your daughters are awesome. ps I can hardly tell which is mum and which are daughters! :)

DJT said...


Thank you so much! Those words are so lovely and touching and have made my day! You too have a very merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I have wondered where you went. I love the photos. The girls look so great. Your hair is da bomb! I know you love it.