Monday, December 10, 2007


I just wanted to share something that annoyed me. Yesterday, I was minding my business at the local grocery store and a woman and an employee of the store just walked up to me complimenting me on my hair and asking me who "twisted" my hair in "all those twists" While I was in no mood for a sisterlock educational seminar right at that moment it was all good because they were admiring my hair and that is always a blessing. The annoying part for me came when the woman begged for Martine's information and then begged me for the start up cost. Now my reply to her was this
" it is alot but it is worth it, why don't you give her a call because the consultation is free." My thought process was when she meets Martine and sees her future 6 years down the line, she would be begging Martine to take her annual salary! Anyway, maybe that is just me because i have vision.......Anyway, this woman kept right on begging for the cost. Because I was at the deli waiting for some dang cheese and honey smoked turkey for the kids lunchboxes I couldn't really escape telling her. After all of that begging she had the nerve to look absolutely disgusted at the fact that I paid the price for my hair and proceeded to act like I was the one all up in her face badgering her to get SL's.

Mind you, this lady had some half assed attempt at traditionals that were so bad she had to keep her hat on (yup she did show me) but yet and still she would rather walk around like that than to at least go and experience a free consultation and see for herself. To each is own but I don't get that about some people..........and yup, that annoyed me.........


Lakia said...

That annoys me too. Ladies would tell me how gorgeous my hair is and then ask for the price, and act like the price I paid OFFENDS them. For now and on I will just tell strangers that they cost a "grip" and refer them to the sisterlocks website.

DJT said...


that sounds like a great idea, I'm gonna do the same too!