Monday, December 10, 2007

A Little Leave in Conditioner.....

Just becase I just posted that I do not Ever put any conditioner or anything else in my hair I spritzed it with Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Leave in Conditioner. I purchased it for Jada's hair when it was loose I would use it to soften before I blow dried it but now that she can't have anything in her hair until after her settles a bit I decided to treat my hair to some good scents. I love the way it smells but I actually hate the way it softens my hair. My hair is so soft without anything I like it to feel a little "scratchy" makes me feel like my locks are more mature than they are...(weird I know) On an entirely different note these pictures really magnify my botched dye job. About three months ago I was going through some THANGS and decided to dye my hair but noone told me that my locks were going to devour the ONE (yes I know I totally underestimated the amount of hair I have) bottle of hair dye so I did the best that I could and this is the end result. The bottom picture is indicative of how insanely fast my hair goes because those front locks were actually dyed to the roots. I did learn a valuable lesson though, I will NEVER try to dye my own hair again without the assistance of a friend or two to help me work the dye thoroughly through all of my locks AND I promise to buy at least five bottles next time!

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