Sunday, January 24, 2010

It Grew Like Wildfire!

The night before I was retightened. I am 3 now, this is after a fresh wash! I really have hair past my shoulders don't I? In another year...I am going to be in this length it is still quite manageable but I am beginning to understand how much work longer hair is...For instance, air drying takes a whole day, well in NE weather..summer time is different. it takes me an hour (if I am lucky) to roll my hair. I have a hard time gathering it all in a neat ponytail because my hands are small, I always have to remove it from under my coat. If someone is sleeping with me, they tend to lay on it...including my cat! (No cat hairs either) This was pre highlight. I feel like the highlights gave it added dimension too. Now y hair is officially 4 colors...but I like it. My color doesn't have to be perfect...each lock isn't perfect either. It is definitely unique though.


dewdrop said...

You are definitely my hair twin because I feel like i'm looking at my own head of locs when I view your photos. Just gorgeous!!!

dewdrop said...

It takes my locs a while to dry too, but my roots dry much faster now since combining all my locs.