Thursday, August 14, 2008

Braidlocks Doin Their Thang!

Freshly washed and getting ready to get tightened. It has been 9 months since my braidlocks were installed and my hair is getting so long. I love my braidlocks. I like to call them sisterlock like my mom.

Jada's braidlocks are locking faster than my SL's had. She is actually fully locked in the areas that I tightened with the nappy lock tool. If I were to pin her hair up one could not tell that she has portions of braids in her hair at all. She loves them and even has the hand-in-the-hair-itis. It is soo cute to watch. She loves the bumpiness of the locks too. She is definitely developing her sense of self awareness and a strong sense of self love that is coming from her locks. Today she and I were driving in the car and she stated that she hates it when people treat those with nappy hair mean just because their hair is nappy. Then she followed that with "having nappy hair is the best hair to have. I'm glad my hair is not straight." I am so proud of my daughter.


Lakia said...

Her locks are so adorable. My daughter decided that she wants her to have hers taken down. My mom got to her. I'll post pics of her before and after.

Anonymous said...

Jada is amazing!!!