Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

I received an anonymous post asking me what type of rollers I used for my first rollerset in the post "Bored No More". Thank you Anonymous for complimenting my hair! I used the hair foam by Motions and this roller. This roller uses those plastic straight pins. I hate this roller. I like the look that it gave my hair but it hurt like hell. I used to use these weekly when I was permed but I guess the fact that I don't manipulate my hair that much caused me to be so tenderheaded!! I also think that my BFF who is permed pulled them so tight in an attempt to "get my roots straight" I think she was doing it out of force of habit but I had to keep reminding her that is the beauty of locked naturalness. You do not have to have straight roots!!! In fact I hated the way my spiraled ends were lying all stretch out after using this roller also. I mean my hair did look really good but it did not last probably because she should have used a smaller roller but also because I like the styling of the lock but I am not a fan of them being really soft or feeling too silky and I felt like I put conditioner in my hair for a few days after. I am not saying I wont set my hair with these again, because I will try my hand at using the yellow roller all over with the Lotta Body setting lotion for the better hold but if my hair feels too "straight" again I wont use the rollers ever again.......who would have ever thunk that I would have ever been saying that??

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