Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Have they grown?

Not sure, my hair was at least 5-6 inches to begin with but with all of the shrinkage and stuff I couldn't tell once the locks were installed. The growth part does not make a huge difference to me at this point because it is getting warmer and I'm used to being faded. I really can't tell if it has grown at all.
But speaking of hari length... I was picking Jada up from afterschool and a lady with beautiful shoulder length traditional locks was exiting the building and she said to me "locks at that length are the best!" So I say, "yours are gorgeous too" She then says, "thanks but they're not your length!" It was one of the best compliments I could have received because a year ago I was suffering from lock envy and now someone was publicly returning the favor. Who wudda thunk? Not me.


sunsail said...

Hey, look at you!! I didn't even know your blog was out there! Thanks for dropping by and saying hi. You're looking really good at 4 months!! :)

DJT said...

thank you, sunsail

Sony said...

I see the growth....stay patient!

Oh, and you've been tagged! For instructions, see my blog..