Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Did she really say that?

Since I have been really feeling my hair after say the first three weeks of my locks being put in. Everyday just reinforces how good they look (thanks, Martine, your da bomb!!) And all of the feedback has been like 99.9997% (is that truly a number?) positive. So let me tell you about the the 0.0003% of negativity that had come from a well meaning sister. This sister is not a stranger but I know her from my ex sister in law. She was at the hospital visiting someone and I was going on my lunch break. As far as my hair goes I never do anything special with it at this point so it was looking pretty much like it is here. Anyway, we are talking and she finally says "I can't believe you really did that to your hair?" So I'm thinking, "She a damn fool" as her hair is fried and dyed blonde at that. But I said "Did what?" Needless to say, I think she realized at that point what a dumb comment that was, I was too hungry to get political on her so I kept it moving....But yes, she really did say that.


n'Drea said...

Hush. The 0.0003% don't even count. Just chalk it up to ignorance. Sometimes, when a person doesn't have anything worthwhile to say, he/she will say the first thing that comes to mind, which is usually utter crap. People like that, you pray for.

DJT said...

I'll amen to that!