Sunday, March 18, 2012


I want to apologize for my followers for neglecting my blog for sooooo long. It been almost two years since I have update any pics. I know many people who are considering sister locks really rely upon what ones locks evolve into over time and I think one of the best things that we can do as veteran lock wearers with a blog can be to update our blogs with pics. One of my challenges have been a crashed computer that I have yet to be able to replace, the other is the difficulty with mobile blogging, and then the laziness comes in at a close third. MUCH has been happening since I last blogged, namely the fact that I am now a Sisterlock Trainee!! I completed the course October 2011. I haven't done an install yet but I am hopeful that the perfect client will come along and want me to install their locks. I do have a blog for my journey as a trainee and it is and I have a Facebook fan page called please support my business by liking my fan page....
My locks are now 5 years and 3 months and going very strong!!! Time has flown by very fast cause I never imagined my hair would have gotten to this point and I can't wait to see what it does in the next 5 years!!

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