Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sisterlock/Natural Hair Gathering

Ok..I am going to apologize immensely for the very long post and sorry for the dupliactes, I could not remove them once they were uploaded, I barely have time to post pics let alone figure out how to make slide shows and collages and all of that Jazz...since I've turned 3 on 1/17/10 and got a fierce new highlighting job, I wanted to make sure I posted pics becausewho knows when I will post again...So we have a semi-annual Natural hair gathering here in Beantown. It was so much fun! We this time we had raffle drawings for free and even watched Good Hair... so enjoy these pics The first pic from L->is consultant Jacqueline Ashby, her client (I believe) Sharon, and Muah.. we all had out hair set with soft spikes..well I have loc loops but the concept is exactly the same. The 2nd and 3rd pic is my home girl Bern and I, she is getting her install on dones at the end of March by my new consultant Sheryl. She won a giveaway and got $100 off services by Jackie will bless her babies at her 3rd retightening. Once Bern gets her install she will be the 6th person I converted in 3 years! Not a bad track record since it is all passive conversion...just leading by example! 4th pic is Martine and Bern..she is still my consultant and Boston area SL icon, she installed me and will retighten me when Sheryl relocates at the end of the year. Look at my archive and see Martines 1st set of locks..they were 6 in those pics. Last year, Martine had to cut her hair from damage from dye and tension thinned the front of her locks.. Her current set are 3 months old. The 5th pic is of 3 SL sisters...Yvonne, Sheka, and sheryl, my current consultant. Now look at sheryl's babies back in August, and look at them now. they are growing like wild flowers! 6th pic is angela and I. I met her in BJ's when my locks were 4-5 months old! She is lovely. Both of our hair grew like crazy since and I discovered I went to high school with her daughter. Pics 7-9 is my new hair piece. There was a vendor there who sold leather hair accessories. I wish I had more money with me. I was able to get myself 1 and my daughter Jada 1 but I have her number and will be her new #1 customer. The quality of her work and craftswomanship is on point....don't you agree. as you can see, I dye my hair about once per year. Constant dying ruins the integrity of your locks. I could care less about black roots as you can clearly see.

Showcasing another hair piece.

Showcasing Yvonnes hairstyle by Sheryl with a hair piece. I was trying to get Yvonne to buy it but I am not sure she was feeling it...I was though.

Mohawk done by Sheryl. This sister's SL's are babies..a few months old. Isnt she cute though?

This is the back of Angela's hair with a hair piece. Gorgeous huh? I think Angela mght be 5 years old now.

This is the creator of the hair pieces...we were watching Good Hair. It was excellent even though alot of SL wearers were disappointed that it left us Nappy and Proud women out of the loop...Imagine if they would have had a bunch of FINE SL women in that film...WE WOULD HAVE CHANGED THE FACE OF THAT MOVIE!!!

Sheryl when she was doing Yvonne's hair! Little Amari waiting to get her hair done. she is Jackie's daughter, she's 8 and have been SL'd for about 2 years!

Ms. Amari after Sheryl worked her magic!

By Sheryl

Back view!

Me again...look at those naps!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I LOVE MY PIECE!

This is Jada my daughter! jada has braidlocks. They turned 2 in November. Look closely..she only has tiny bits of braids at the ends. This is her new hair piece I purchased. She loved it!

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