Sunday, September 6, 2009

Annual Sisterlock Potluck

Not sure why I never published these pics but this is at our semi-annual Natural Hair gathering that we have in Boston. Behind me is my soon to be consultant Sheryl. In this pic, I hadn't realized that she was even going to be my consultant but shortly after this event, I called her and she has been retightening me ever since. She typically sets up a booth at the events and styles anyones hair...for FREE. you can't see it in this pic but she also just got herself a new 2nd set of SL's due to dye damage..the second picture is my daughter Jada's almost two year old braidlocks!! The final picture is of Jada and another little sister with braidlocks as well! The 2nd to last pic is of my girlfriend who I met two years ago because she loved my hair! as you can see she got herself a new set of SL's herself..they turned 1 in november!

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