Monday, November 3, 2008

Weird...I know

The pictures are weird I know but I have this thing where I like ot see what I look like with my eyes closed. Maybe a juvenile fascination with how I may look when I am asleep. I doubt I look this good sleep...maybe a little drool is missing or my mouth should be open a bit. Who knows....maybe one day, I will remarry and can then ask my husband how do i look when I am asleep.....I know, I need a life! It was cheap entertainment if nothing else!


Thandi said...

Ha Ha Ha!! Or maybe you'r elike my husband-one of his eyes doesn't completely close when he's asleep, it's kinda spooky!

QueenLi said...

Looking like a model to me, your hair looks nice, very nice! I hope to have pics one day~ I hope my new set will look just as good as my old set did.

Take Care~