Sunday, August 17, 2008

Almost Done

I have been maintaining my own locks for the past 8 months by myself and doing a fine job if I say so myself. However, I hate doing the front! I hate it with a mad passion! Look at the top front, see all of the new growth? I finished all of the back and sides but I leave the bang area and half the crown for a while as I complain and moan about needing to finish it. My locks are soooo small in this area though. Not soo small thay they are weak, but the parts are soo small. It seems like it takes forever to finish tightening them all. I feel like for every 10 locks I tighten in this small area, I grow another 20 locks! Me doing it myself is alot better (as in economical) than paying Martine in this market. Besides I do get the bragging rights associated with maintaining my own do. But these teensy eensy locks on top gotta go. I really don't want to combine them at this point because I might regret it later. But I think they look fab even unstyled I just bobby pin it up and keep it moving. I do want to use my lock loops but i refuse until I finish tightening it all. I am not really complaining though, just lazy,really. I love my hair more than ever though. My kids keep telling me to tighten up my dye job too but then my eyebrows seem too dark and I can't be bothered trying to keep them colored to match the locks so I only dyed it that one time back in January. Maybe when the weather is cold and I am bored and have cabin fever i will hide my roots...but then again, maybe I won't. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I so envy you for DIYing for so long. I know patience is key but my frustration usually takes over. LOL!!

Your locks are so beautiful, I prefer having some growth then being freshly retightened. Regardless of whether you touch up your color or not your locks look good!

Jena Evans said...

Hey djt,

I hear you on the tiny locs... I think I waited until the middle of year 2 to 3 before I really began to marry locs.

Regarding re-tightening areas that are maddening, Maryee had considered paying her consultant to do just that particular area of pain (lol).

Keep up the good and steady work~


Amina said...

You look so pretty!

I hear ya on the cumbersome sections. For me its the back in the middle. I section it off in 3 vertical sections back there and the middle is killer! I absolutely am not liking it. That's why I'm still going to Claire.

I think I'm gonna combine in phases. so that I can keep the fullness in phases. Maybe? The jury's still out.

Keep up the great work, mama!

Kandgoods said...

They are coming along nicely and personally I love the faded out dye look, I have it myself. WE look good lol! I really do appreciate you for DIYing because I tried for the first time last night...I didn't finish it and now I'm dreading going home tonight to finish off the rest!!

SeZ said...

Its great that you can do your hair, I'm sure that is does drive you insane. I use the braid hair and let me tell you two sections of hair that are not done after doing two. It feels like 100 braids in each section. LOL

Naturally Sophia said...

I like the roots look, I guess I am a wild child. Whether you touch up the color or not, they'll (your locks) look great 'cause they always do.