Friday, March 14, 2008

My First DIY Retightening!

So I had an appointment with Martine on March 18 for my 8 week retightening however, I had a tremendous growth spurt possibly from the hair, skin, and nails supplement I had been taking three times per day for the last month. This was the first time since I had been sisterlocked that I had been truly bothered by the thick roots! Maybe it is the fact that I had dyed my hair? Who knows but I was growing increasingly inpatient at the sight of my hair and couldn't wait to see Martine. So last saturday after I had worked 12 hours and was trying to fall asleep and couldn't, I pulled out the nappy lock tool and started to retighten my own hair. Now I had only done Jada's once and on one of my previous posts I swear I would never try to do my own hair but I did! Once I started it was like a very strange obsession to keep going. So over five days two hours here and there, I finally finished!
It was really tedious but not hard. As I got to the top I was about to go stir crazy because it seemed like the locks just kept multiplying in number and getting smaller and smaller! A few locks around my temple were ridiculously small so i joined them as well as the two fron and center on my forehead to hid the part down the middle. Now that I am done maybe I will attempt to do them again!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Congratulations!! I'm trying to be like you. Yesterday I was able to do about 6 locks and combined a couple others, got frustrated and stopped...sigh... How much time would you say it took all together? When it comes to DIY I wish I had 100 locks...hehehe!!!

Great Job!!!!

DJT said...


Don't give up, I started in the back and just kept at it until i was done and I definitely got faster with each section. It took me problably 15 hours over the course of 4-5 days. It takes alot of time to keep the other locks apart from the lock that you are retightening. Will I do it again? Absolutely, but for now I think I will hae Martine do every other retightening. At least that is my plan for today!