Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Love Washing My Hair!

All of a sudden I've fallen madly in love with washing my hair! I think it may have something to do with the vast changes that have been happening in my hair since I hit my 12 month mark. For instance, weekly I notice more and more of my ends are sealing up causing my hair to hang to it's full potential. Also, I love changing the styles of my hair. I just set it last week with my Loc Loops. My hair was still quite curly and looking good but it got a little old within 5 days. Well, I just got tired of the curls. So I washed all the curls out and was just going to moisterize it and keep it freestyle but my birthday is next Wednesday so I want to try a braidout. I have't done one in a few months and I haven't done one since I've colored it so here is me with me braids waiting for Jada to come on so I can tighten her up. She is taking forever so I am feeling annoyed. This time I did sit under the dryer but I will still leave them in overnight for a real tight crinkle.

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