Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Loc Loops

So after my BFF roller set and dyed my hair, I have been fantasizing about roller sets and the high maintenanceness of keeping my locs styled. I've beeen thinking about this so much so that I researched some of my options from other fellow lockers who tried their hand at Entrepreneurship. I really love the way Creyole's Sisterlocks look in the wrap a lock spiral however, I feel personally that if I have to purhcase either a guide or a DVD just to learn how to wrap my hair when I can use a complicated perm rod for free to achieve that particular look maybe I an explore some other options first....now I tend not to be so frugal but we are entering a recession here......maybe after a while I will splurge on the WAL's bundle. But I know me...if i have a hard time the first time, I will give up and waste my money. I am not known for my abundance of patience at all. Needless to say that I purhcased Carol from Coils and Curls Loc Loops!! What really got me sold was the You Tube video how to which can be viewed here:
So you can see that the video is really informative and the Loop works very well. Also, with Jada's braidlocks being 3 months old now, I want to have alot of styling options for her especially when she has to dress up for special occasions.

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