Monday, January 14, 2008

I Am A Woman

Stare me down if you may
Insult me if you like
Try to clip my wings
So I can't fly
But the key to my beauty
Lies deep within
In the small of my back
The dimple on my chin
bulging with intellect
My waistline is perfected
because I am a woman
Amazing and blessed.

Contain me if you will
Behind the gates of negativity
In the land of all those insecure
Try and hold me back
If you're that unsure.
But the secret to prosperity
Shines deep inside
Near the crooks of my knees
And running like rivers down my thighs
Glistening with happiness
My hair grows thick
Because I am a woman
Strong and ethnic.
-Jasmine, 13


Rubylocs said...
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Rubylocs said...

Amazing! As a teacher wondering what is going on with the kids, it is a joy to see and read something so wonderful. She knows who she is and that is an amazing thing in the world we live in today. Mom, it seems like you are doing a great job!

DJT said...


Thank you!! I forwarded your post to Jasmine so she can see that the world appreciates her talent!