Monday, December 10, 2007

Jada's Braidout!

Jada's hair is really cute and she loves it too! But she is already "tired" of me snapping pictures of her hair already so that is why I opted for the hair shot only because she looked like she had a bit of a I ordered the nappylocs tool because I will maintain these babies myself! I don't want to have to shell out the bucks for her maintenance as well as my own but also, Martine says I can use the tool to start to retighten myself......Not really interested in the self maintenance thing but I think I can handle Jada's.....w ho knows maybe I will get really ambitious and tackle my own head one day............I doubt it but I will keep my edges tight! The way I see it, the more money I save on hair maintenance the ore I can spend on the hair ties and lock charms for my "little natural diva!"

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