Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm back!!

So I know I've been lost forever to the blogging world but that is because alot has happened since my last post. Now that I have managed to move forward since a little minor obstacles I can focus on some of the things that i;ve done for enjoyment such as blog.. So here I am in my new home after a fresh retightening almost 9 months into my sisterlocking journey and marvel at my experience and how good my locks are faring!

I will add to this posting my progress at the weight loss post from way back in June. I did manage to lose about 10lbs from the fat-free stress diet that has managed to overwhelm me since june. So Yes, I did get that weight off but not from exercising. Now that I have moved and have reestablished myself and kids and placed my treadmill in fron of the TV and the stereo to avoid excuses, I should be able to keep off the weight!


Jamerican Locs said...

DJT, nice to have you back. This is my first time seeing your blog but I'm glad to see someone with a hair texture similar similar to mine. Your reference to coarse and tight hair screams "that me". I am not yet sisterlocked but hopefully that will change by december. I need to check out two other consultants in the NYC area before I decide. It's been abt. a year and i am still in love with what I see. hopefully you'll be able to give me some pointers in the newbie stage (that's what I'm afraid of).

DJT said...

thank you! well, I have never had any regrets not even in the very beginning! If I had to have one it would be that I hadn't gotten SL'd sooner! There is no ugly stage at all! Definitely do it!