Monday, June 25, 2007

A Sisterlock and Natural Hair Potluck BBQ

I spent my day being blessed by the presence of so many Queens. These Queens all looked regal and sophisticated with their natural tresses. They gave me much to look forward to as I venture on my journey. This was my first natural hair gathering since I've only been locked for 5 months, I was definitely one of the (lock) babies of the bunch. I had a great day enjoying fellow Sisterlockers and hearing about their journeys, and hair care tips, and whatever else folks were willing to share. There was even a sister there selling her beautiful creations of ethnic jewelry too. Also, we had great food, Sisters (and brother) threw down on the spread. A most inspiring moment was when the one brother there with Brotherlocks was asked by one of the sisters how long that he had brotherlocks his comment was, "I'm okay with my sexuality, I actually have Sisterlocks, there are no such thing as Brotherlocks." His locks were gorgeous too, I'm sorry I don't have a picture to post....But for all of you brothers out there, take heed!

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